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With Box 3 you will receive the 6 bottles of Box 1 in spring and at Christmas you will receive in the same box the Magnum of Cuvée Elliot (Box 2) and 4 additional bottles .

 As a reminder, Box 3 contains:

 In spring 2024

 3 wines from Domaine de l’Accent

  •  l'Accent du Sud , fresh and elegant rosé
  •  Una Notte , light red, pressed the day after its harvest, the ideal wine to share with friends
  •  Le Petit Accent , fruity, elegant and well-balanced red

 3 “discovery” wines from my South Tirol wines (Bergkellerei Passeier)

  •  Burgunder 2019 : a high-altitude Pinot Blanc, a wine to age from one of the best vintages
  •  Kontrast blanc 2017 : Sauvignon blanc, skin maceration white wine, very aromatic with a pronounced character, in the original 50 cl format
  •  Kontrast noir 2017 : Cabernet franc, very elegant, spicy, fruity, in the original 50 cl format

 Christmas 2024

  •  1 MAGNUM Cuvée Elliot , fruity, powerful and sumptuous red wine, ideal for the end-of-year celebrations
  •  L’Accenteur , the prestigious white and flagship product of the estate
  •  La Rocheuse , a very elegant and balanced red wine, from the highest altitude vines of the estate.
  •  Sauvignon blanc (Bergkellerei Passeier), the flagship wine of my Tirol estate
  •  Rombo (Bergkellerei Passeier), powerful and spicy red wine for aging

 Shipping costs for wines are included in the price. Valid for mainland France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Italy.

BOX#3 (10 bottles + 1 Magnum)

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