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The terroir

​The Accent estate, located in the south of France in the heart of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation, is a multi-story mosaic of vineyards, scrubland and forests.


The Accent vines share two very different terroirs:

- in St Guiraud, the vines are cultivated on small terraces surrounded by forests and scrubland

- on the Montpeyroux causse,

bold old vines face stony and windy terrain at 300m altitude.

The estate is managed in compliance with the rules of organic farming but above all, with common sense. Each intervention is carefully considered, in order to limit inputs, the use of agricultural machinery and to adapt the technical routes to the needs of each plot.

The quality of the soil is preserved by combining spontaneous grassing, the cultivation of green manure and the spreading of compost.

About the winemaking
IMG_2609_Domaine_Petit Accent_7916_Domai

Harvested by hand, the grapes are then transported in small boxes to the cellar in Arboras. This is where my second job begins: I accompany the grapes on the path to wine, trying to influence or impact them as little as possible. I try to only intervene to avoid faults or deviations, because let's not forget that nature alone would make vinegar and not wine!

All my wines ferment exclusively with native yeasts. I work without enzymes and without synthetic products. Each plot is vinified separately to be able to follow and understand the potential and characteristics of each terroire.

That said, it is in the vines that my wines are made.

IMG_3662_Domaine_Petit Accent_7916_Domai
IMG_3900_Domaine_Petit Accent_7916_Domai
IMG_1638_Domaine_Petit Accent_7916_Domai
DSC_9487_Domaine_Petit Accent_7916_Domai
The man behind the scene

It is Konrad Pixner, whom the path of life landed on the Terrasses du Larzac to make his dream come true. Born in Italy, in the German-speaking mountains of South Tyrol, to a mechanic father and a schoolteacher mother, he made the bet in 2018 to create his own estate, stone by stone, in the south of France. In 2013, after a master's degree in Viti Œno (SupAgro, France - Portugal - South Africa), travels and experiences in various wine-growing regions, he worked between research (doctorate in oenology in Geisenheim - Germany), and practice (oenologist for a wine estate deep in the Italian Alps). A passionate wine grower and oenologist, he finds his happiness on the Terrasses du Larzac, working alone on his vines and his wines, letting himself be guided by his ideas nourished by local practices, his know-how and his art of emphasizing the good things.



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